Short description of the idea:


Own hardware platform for working with video images with implemented algorithms for orientation of unmanned aerial vehicles and robots without signals of the GNS (Global navigation system), with the ability to bind to maps.

Description of the Technology and final product:


Hardware platform and algorithms for orientation and binding of images to maps, routing, etc.


• digital image stabilization based on the video image itself


• image quality improvement: filtering, histogram alignment, etc.


• automatic detection and tracking of objects in the image


• spatial navigation on video (without GPS or INS (inertial navigation system))


• restoration of 3D maps of the terrain and boundaries of objects from the video image

Area of using:


Orientation and navigation of unmanned aerial vehicles and vehicles in the absence of GPS (global navigation system)  signals, for example, closed storage facilities.

Link to video

Orientation and navigation of unmanned apparatuses by video

Law adress:

19-1-53, Molodsova str., Moscow, 127081, Russian Federation