The CMCE SERTEC Protector aims to protect people, animals and structures in

installations on land, from any electrical phenomenon driven through the air.


In copare with conventional lighting rod, the CMCE SERTEC device is designed to compensate the electroatmospheric effects, compensating

and stabilizing the current of the electric charges in the environment, draining them to earth in

harmless milliamps

Specially designed for:




•Hospitals and sanatories




•Sports complexes




•Monuments and historical sites


•Airports radars and control towers


•Buildings and shopping centers


•Mines and petrohemicals explosive atmospheres


•Electrical substations high and low voltage lines

Our device guarantees the reliability of computer systems

and data during storms,optimizes production by increasing

competitiveness and improves staff safety,

among other positive aspects.

Electro- atmospheric field protector

In collaboration with Sertec

we offer innovative



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