Innovative products for effective fire fighting

(fire extinguishing agent-powder )

In collaboration with STRÁDA LLC  we offer

innovative products for fire extinguishing

and local fires suppression.

SME INNOVATIONS LLC is the official  partner by export and  promote products, developed by the STRÁDA LLC , in the CIS countries, India, South-East Asia, North America and Europe.

Fire classes A,B,C,E



self-contained powder fire extinguishing devices. Devices are designed to extinguish without human intervention fires of solid, liquid and gaseous substances, as well as electrical equipment under voltage.


of the device

The devices consist of a polystyrene body filled with fire extinguishing powder.

Fire-conducting cords pass along the edges of the body. The cords will activate the device upon contact with fire. Within 10 seconds, clap (an additional warning signal about fire) is heard, the hull breaks and fire extinguishing powder is released, after which the fire source will be instantly localized.


Main advantages

  • Easy to use - do not require special skills
  • High speed of reaction to the occurrence of fire and instant fire suppression
  • Do not require maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly, do not contain harmful substances
  • Autonomous and manual operation mode of the device
  • Safe for others when triggered
  • Noise alert when triggered
  • Shelf life - 10 years

Composition and operation of the device

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