Innovative products for effective fire fighting

(fire extinguishing agent - gas in liquid form)

In collaboration with Ri Tek and MTS Snabzhenie

we offer innovative products for local fires suppression

SME INNOVATIONS LLC is the official and exclusive partner by export and  promote products, developed by the MTS Snabgenie LLC, in the CIS countries, India, South-East Asia, North America and Europe.








A fluoroketone-based extinguishing agent

is used, sometimes referred

to as "dry water". This substance

does not cause oxidation, does not damage equipment and devices, and

is harmless to humans








The extinguishing agent is

at atmospheric pressure and

in a liquid state. It does not evaporate,

and the product remains functional

for a long time without

requiring maintenance and control

The innovative part

of the offered products








In the event of a fire in the protected

volume, the extinguishing agent

turns into a gaseous state and

is thrown out of the device.

This achieves maximum efficiency.



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